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Published: 15th June 2012
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Security door handles of the LED light

The unlimited potential of the LED, not only the application of the concept of lighting, including the conceptual design of a variety of home, this LED light door handles, from the Italian design company the F.lli Razeto & Casareto by the designers of the company, Giangiacomo Razeto adjustable color LED lights and LED door handle, Massimo Pinto, work together to create, fashion design, built-in 10 colors and three kinds of intensity of light through the built-in wireless PIN code control, issued according to different situations, suitable for hotel, bars and public places such as the environment in case of sudden power failure or fire safety, built-in wireless power system led lighting up, to ensure that people accused of lead safety in an emergency direction.

Elegant artificial marble LED lights

This is a very simple and refreshing LED lamps, simple shape, like a symbol, the perfect and the inherent design of the lighting designer by Simone Savini sculpture techniques, as well as artificial marble material to the design of this LED lights, looks as a luminous ring, after the lights that light can be surrounded by illuminated the whole room, use little attention to the presence of less than light, the overall shape at one go no assembly joints, like a pure sculptural works of art. For most of the indoor home design is an elegant lighting style decoration.

Glowing LED Bicycle Handle

And bicycle LED light-emitting accessories, which is a led light bulbs handlebar system in the handle part of the set is equipped with an LED light, in front of not only the road auxiliary lighting for night riding, but also very necessary for traffic safety system to remind and the rear of the motor vehicle is easy to see, but also play the role of the turn signal flashes when the turn. This night the road, through a simple LED handle system will reduce traffic accidents, for friends who like cycling Night, is really very good design!

Simple and capable microscope LED lamp

Even the hospital lighting design is no longer cold and rigid, this microscope, led lights , as its name implies, the shape of the microscope LED lamp design, simple, clean lines and black and white combination, and can integrate into any modern interior design . Hidden in the concise design designer the Michael Samoriz design intent, designed for designers, artists, or health care workers design and use of inspiration found desk is not only a table, can also be a laboratory, where they can try kinds of imagination, rigorous, revealed some cute, very good lighting design creativity.

A board of capsule lamps: Miniflux

A wonderful creative designer, Roger Tator, perhaps, from now on, you have to be careful of your drawer, because one day if you just want to eat a cold medicine, there is likely to become a luminous Man:

The capsule lamp (Miniflux), looks like a plate capsule, but it can be issued some very nice warm light. No more information to explain its working principle and the power supply, but love surprising analysis is the LED, the battery may be in the packaging, or button batteries. Said the designer, all of these things can be used to the layout window or used to illuminate the drawer - meaning, for example, you opened the drawer in the evening, the capsule can be set to a light-sensitive switch, if it is night, it automatically lights up, then you can influence others to find things ~~

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